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By: Kanakkumar B. Email : kanakbosmia yahoo.

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However, he does not keep connection with me any longer, Its been more than a month now. This person had promised to marry me, but the situation is like.

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My question is: Will Mr. If the cuspal sub lord of the 7th be the significator of house 2, 7 or 11, marriage takes place during the joint period of the significators of house 2, 7 and If the sub lord of the 5th cusp Love be the significator in the star of the occupant or owner of 7 or 11, the native has love marriage. If the sub lord of the 5th cusp Love be the significator in the star of the occupant or owner of 6 or 12 the native will not have love marriage.

Cuspal Sub Lord for love marriage: 7th Cusp Libra Venus is in the star of own and sub of Moon. Star lord Venus is occupant of 5, owner of 2, 7. Sub lord Moon is occupant of 5, owner of 4. Hence the marriage is promised.

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My opinion: Yes, there is sure chance of marriage with Mr. Outcome: Prediction comes correct as she married Mr. AV in July Horary No. Dasa: Venus 19 Y, 9 M, 29 D. Phalguni 1 6 Hasta 4 7 Visakha 3 8 Jyeshta 3 9 P. Ashada 3 10 Sravana 2 11 Satabhisha 3 12 Revati 2. Read Free For 30 Days. Love Marriage: By: Kanakkumar B. Flag for inappropriate content.

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    KP Astrology : Marriage, Denial of Marriage, Timing of Marriage, Love Marriage, Divorce

    Love Marriage By: Kanakkumar B. If 5th cusp sub lord signifies 2 or 11, one falls in love. As the client was quite apprehensive , I looked at the position and significations of Moon. Moon is placed in the 7th house. Moon is placed in the star of Sun which is placed in the 5th house. Fifth house is the house of affairs. So Moon is very strong significator of the 5th house.

    So I concluded that the client must be interested in Love Marriage. Later on the client agreed of having affair and also interested in marrying his love interest. Hence the Moon really showed the way. According to Krishnamurti Paddhati , when the query is regarding marriage one must consider the houses 2,7 and 11 but when the 7th cuspal sublord is related to fifth house by placement or by signification then there is Love Marriage. Here we will consider the possibility of Love Marriage as we had seen earlier that Moon is signifying 5th house also.

    So Rahu being 11th cuspal sublord is likely to give marriage with the desired girl.

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    Involvement of Rahu also indicates that the girl belongs to different caste. As it is now established that the client is interested in love marriage with a desired girl, which is very much likely to happen as 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires. It always acts by linking itself to the desired houses. So now we will look at the 5th cusp also. As we have discussed earlier Moon is strong significator of 5th house.

    Looking at the Ruling Planets Sun which is very strong significator of 5th house. With the Sun being quite prominent it is likely that the marriage will take place soon. Running Mahadasha is of Sun which as we have seen is the strong significator for love marriage as it signifies both 5th and 7th house strongly. So the mahadasha supports the marriage. Running Bhukti is of Saturn which is till Aug Saturn is in the star of Sun hence it strongly signifies 7th house ,Also it is in the sub of Mercury which is strong significator of 2nd house , hence it also lends support for marriage.

    Next Antara is of Ketu which is also not amonst RPs. It also acts as agent of Moon but Moon is also not Ruling Planet so we neglect this antara. Next antara is of Venus which is strong significator of 7th house, also it is in the sub of Mercury which signifies 2, So we will consider this Antara fruitful for Marriage. This Antara will run till