February 21 cusp astrology

It wouldn't be wrong to say that this person feels a multitude of emotions within. This person can understand emotions like no other! We specially say this to the ladies who have given up on the idea of finding men with a sensitive side. This water-bearing pair of fish is a true romantic at heart, and values love and relationship beyond great measures. The prime reason behind this could be the exploratory nature of this cuspian. This is one cause that drives this cusps to great heights.

The Negative Traits. This person, because of being so emotion-driven can be easily hurt and offended by those who fail to see things from where they are standing. This tendency is often mistaken for having a chicken heart, however, the truth is far from this. Lack of understanding and appreciation can make this cuspian quite pessimist.

Even to the point of experiencing low self-esteem, and becoming self-deprecating in nature. At times, this person can become quite laid back, sort of lethargic in a way.

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With so many things happening in one single mind, it is clear that the life of this cusp ain't a smooth one! If used well, the Aquafish can both rise up in the sky like the air, and dive deep into the ocean in its water form. We have already listed the names of famous celebrities who have used the gifts of this cusp personality in their stride.

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All one needs to do, is explore, define, and enjoy what the journey of finding oneself brings their way! Share This. Pisces Man in Love. Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility. Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility. As a result, this capability of the Scorpio complements the psychic abilities of the Aquarius Pisces cuspian and adds to their intuitive capabilities even more.

Aquarius Pisces Cusp – The Cusp of Sensitivity

They are both are very sensitive, loving, loyal, and emotional beings. The fearful nature of the Aquarius Pisces cusp in difficult times is neutralized by the supportive and confident attitude of their Scorpio partner. Therefore, as far as the nature and characteristics of these individuals are concerned, it is evident that they complement each other well. However, the commonalities in their character, the water element, and above all, the powerful bond of love in their relationship will ensure a better life! Capricorns are known for their dedication, concentration, focus, and hard work.

Although they present themselves as tough and indifferent individuals, they are very sensitive from the inside. This characteristic of Capricorn attracts our Aquarius Pisces cusp. They both appreciate the need for commitment and respect and honor the relationship. Their high moral values bring these two closer.

The earth element of Capricorn makes the cuspian stable and, on the other hand, the Aquarius Pisces cusp partner adds creativity, colors, and romance in turn. While it might seem that the Capricorn and the Aquarius Pisces cusp are totally different from each other, they actually complement each other in the best possible way.

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Their relationship teaches them the importance of living in reality and the present moment as the cuspian is not aware of the practicalities of life in stark contrast to the Capricorn who is very practical in life. However, the Aquarius Pisces cusp must never stop moving on the path leading to his dreams and spiritual fulfillment; the Capricorn partner will provide all necessary safety and security to them. The relationship will make the Aquarius Pisces cuspian return to the reality of life as they are obsessed with love and care for their Capricorn mates. The Aquarius Pisces cusps are half Pisces.

They well connect well with Pisces as far as a loving relationship is concerned whether it is physical or spiritual. In the adverse conditions of life, the Pisces companion will provide safety and security to the Aquarius Pisces cusp with their infinite love, support, and motivation.

Born on the cusp: these celebs have two zodiac signs

They both make very romantic partners! When they face issues in their day-to-day lives, they will work together to solve them; this will help strengthen their relationship. However, owing to their mood swings they might even hurt each other sometimes and part their ways. Librans always strive for a balance in relationships and in life in general.


Its symbol, the scale, initially goes up and down, from one extreme to another, but will finally attain a balance. Libra signs are recognized as the peacemakers among the zodiac signs. They will balance the relationship with the Aquarius Pisces cusp well.

They have an open-minded attitude

This relationship is always wonderful! The Aquarius Pisces cusp is like the two strings of a scale. Librans are amazing observers who will analyze the good and bad aspects of two extreme situations and will help the Aquarius Pisces cuspian balance critical conditions.

Advice for Aquarius-Pisces

The Libran will not share the vision or get involved in the imaginations and spiritual world of the cuspian, but, as a peacemaker, they will maturely and very sensitively deal with these important issues to balance the inner soul of the cuspian in a cordial manner. Cancerians are highly sentimental and sensitive as they are ruled by the moon.

The connection of the moon with the water and air elements is well known. The caring, protective, and emotional characteristics of a Cancer person will always attract the Aquarius Pisces cuspian. This relationship is indeed amazing as the moon, which controls the tides in the ocean, echoes that pattern with both air and water. The cancer partner tends to become very possessive in the relationship while the cuspians swim alone in the ocean to experience the tides and adventures of life.

It is at this point that they start seeing things from different perspectives which will initiate arguments and disputes. However, this misunderstanding will not really persist for a long time and the two partners will soon understand the situation and start dreaming together in this real world!

In keeping with the theme of emotional authenticity, you have to understand that you have to, from time to time; use your head as well. You cannot just make an emotional map of the world and expect that map to always lead you to the right place at the right time. It does not work that way. The only problem? This innate desire is often coupled with a sense of isolation Though they are goal-oriented, those who embody the Aquarius - Pisces cusp are major procrastinators.

Sometimes this procrastination is built-in, given the innate disorganization that disrupts any organic flow that might have carried them to the finish line. But who has time for organizing things when your mind is filled with so many great ideas? There is so much creative energy to this cusp, so much compassion and emotion, that the chores that make daily life run smoothly can easily fall to the wayside.