Pisces horoscope for march 15

Those who are more timid may well find that it is failure in their chosen field that terrifies them more than high places. Potential leaders of others, these people need to learn not to overwhelm themselves and others with their restless drive to succeed.


Once they have learned to ground themselves with the support of others and a goal worthy of their intelligence and courage, they have all the originality and dynamic power they need to reach their place of destiny—the very top. People born on March 15 Zodiac need to learn to place just as much importance on their personal as their professional life, as without the love of the people they care about their achievements will seem empty.

They may have problems staying faithful, but once they find someone who shares their love of variety and adventure they are loyal, faithful and exciting lovers. It is important for them to understand that addictions are ultimately for people who feel unfilled in their personal and professional life; there are more satisfying and healthy ways of finding that elusive high, such as the love of a partner, a walk in beautiful countryside or the satisfaction of a job well done.

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As far as diet is concerned, people born on this day need to increase their intake of natural foods and decrease their intake of processed foods and saturated fat. Regular exercise on a daily basis is also recommended, as are stretching exercises to encourage them to be flexible in body and mind. If stress or anxiety is a constant part of their life, they might want to try to burn a chamomile-, lavender- or sandalwood-scented candle. In all matters of life, you bring intensity and passion.

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While others prefer to stick to the familiar, you spend a lot of time experimenting. Since you are willing to try anything at least once, you have amassed a wide variety of interests. In many ways, your personality mirrors the fluid and adaptable qualities of flowing water. Your special relationship with water also gives you comfort in the rocky seas of emotion.


Playing music may be helpful to you today to help you stay in a positive mood. Remain optimistic and look on the bright side of things.

Have faith and let go of the need to control every step of the process. Don't worry too much about an important transition. When you feel a center of peace about the situation, you'll know the timing is right. Life is a type of school and you're preparing for a new graduation.

You are either learning a major life lesson or perhaps just finishing up a few classes at college but will be returning soon.

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Be mindful to manage stress if you're feeling a bit uneasy at this time. Take a long walk or talking with a friend or loved one will be helpful. Believe in yourself and others, and that all things will work together in a good way. You will be making a wise decision today that could have a long-lasting impact on yourself and others.

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