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But make sure you really understand the emphasis is on staying true to yourself as a moment of uncertainty could mean risking your clear mind and lack of direction. Later on in life you do find your confidence and make decisions a lot faster and without distracting self with insecurities.

But in order to be fully successful in your endeavour you need to learn to trust what you feel and allow your mind to take you to your visionary world. You make sure you please your partner and that more often than not results in you working excessively hard on their needs, to the point even when you will totally forget about yourself. See it is absolutely necessary for you to recognize your needs and do something about it, express your wishes and make sure they are at least partially satisfied.

You love your food, and you have a reason for it, being a great cook and loving to entertain is one of your admirable characteristics. But see even though you clearly eat healthy and well, you need to still make sure you do not overindulge on food, the balance is in keeping it small and simple, without overeating for the sake of eating.

Your numerology cycles March 16–31

And exercising should be part of your routines, even though you eat healthy, it is still important for you to keep your body flexible and well in shape. And since you love variety you should keep that schedule flexible and change between exercise routines. You are great with the way you use your words, your way of expressing what you think is just a great which makes you a great politician, lawyer, lecturer of educator, but than you can put those words on the paper as well right, so a career in writing is also a great one.

There are also careers in science or humanitarian work that may interest you as well as you do share concerns for humanity. But also expression through music and art. Psychic Nyssa is a Psychic Clairvoyant.

How numbers decide your career graph

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