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But it's something they appreciate in each other, and can lead to a solid, stable connection.

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All they'll have to do to ensure they don't get bored is plan the occasional date night, or plan a special evening at home, and they'll both be happy. Libra is a charming sign, Barretta says, as well as one that's fair-minded and indecisive. No one understands them better than Taurus, who has a very similar mind.

In a long-term relationship, they do what they can to enjoy themselves and appreciate the finer things in life, she says, and can often be found happily lazing around their home. That said, Libra can also be really happy with an Aries, since they're strong decision makers, Barretta says. Libra's charming personality also helps balance out Aries brash nature, she says, which can result in them being quite the balanced couple. For Libra and Aries to make it last, they'll have to pay attention to each other's extremes.

If Libra is being too lazy, or Aries is being too over the top, they have to be willing to call that out and talk about it, so that no one feels held back or overwhelmed.

Scorpio is psychic, private, intense, secretive, and have quite the detective mind, Barretta says, so they're happiest with a partner who isn't intimidated by that. Then there's Scorpio and Virgo. But they also have fun, deep conversations, too, which keeps the spark alive. Sagittarius is a sign that loves their freedom, so when it comes to marriage they look for a partner who won't hold them back. Funny enough, that often means they end up with another Sagittarius, Barretta says, since no one will understand the need for travel, adventure, and newness quite like them.

Both of these signs are happy to commit, without threatening each other's freedom in anyway, which is why their marriage works. As a reliable, serious, traditional, and goal-oriented sign, Barretta says Capricorn often ends up marrying Taurus, since both value structure and having a plan. They both want the same things in life, and can offer each other support.

Cancer and Capricorn are also often drawn to each other "because they share a common interest in traditional values and family structure," she says.

Both really want a stable home life, and the comfort that a routine can bring. For it to work, though, Capricorn will need to be sensitive to Cancer's feelings.

Aries (March 20-April 19)

They have a tendency to be indifferent, Barretta says, but with enough communication this won't hold them back from having a good marriage. Aquarius is one of the most misunderstood signs, Phoenix says, which is why they're often happiest with another Aquarius. No one will get their quirkiness, or their need for freedom, quite like someone who feels the exact same way.

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It can result in a marriage where they feel like best friends, as well as partners. Gemini can also make a great long-term partner. To make it last, it'll be all about communicating and appreciating each other's quirks. Two TeamUSA.

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Special Guests: Judy and Dennis Shepard. Adam Rippon captured our hearts during the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang — and the bronze medal in team figure skating.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)

But beyond competing on Team USA, he has been a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and a positive role model for LGBT youth everywhere, exemplifying courage, compassion, and acceptance, and using his platform to stand up for countless individuals. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. Right after the Olympics, Adam launched a fundraising campaign [click here to view his page on justgiving. Video 2. Video 2 mins. VIDEO 31 mins. VIDEO almost 4 mins.

The Best Zodiac Signs For You To Marry, Based On Your Sign

Adam spent four days in New York City on a whirlwind media tour. Listed below are many of his appearances, arranged by day, along with the date of publication online. What Now? VIDEO less than 2 mins. VIDEO 4 mins. VIDEO 3 mins. Adam appeared in several segments for E! VIDEO 7 mins. VIDEO 20 mins.

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VIDEO 35 mins. VIDEO 2 mins. Adam was interviewed by CNBC on February [click here to read the article] and [here to watch a clip]. Here are a few more tweeted photos with the cast: [ Photo 1 ] [ Photo 2 ] [ Photo 3 ] [ Photo 4 ]. I love being on Team USA and representing our country. Go Team USA!!! He landed all 8 of his planned triple jumps, including both triple Axels his only deduction came on a downgraded double loop at the end of the 3-jump combination and both triple-triple combinations.

He received all level 4s on his spins and footwork and skated with freedom and heartfelt expression to his music throughout. This skate in the individual event, it was for me. To come away from these Olympic Games, to skate three clean programs in the midst of what seems like a lot going on, a top 10 finish in the individual event, and a [team] bronze medal? Adaripp, your positivity and your light shine through in all you do. And this is just the beginning.

As a patient, I had no control.

Even before chemo, the fertility nurses left daily voice mails telling me which hormones I needed to inject and when. The entire time, I spoke up for only a single thing. When scans came back showing how effective the chemo had been which, luckily, was very , I called an oncologist on my case and asked her to please let me stop at five rounds of chemo instead of six. I wrote it. I had no control over what was happening to me and my life and my body. I think cancer witness is more appropriate. I watched it happen. I saw the abnor- mal numbers in my blood work. I read my scan report: tumors, two, maybe three.

I watched the chemo nurse push the vincristine into my IV. I just sat under warm blankets and tried to swallow the vomit. My body was just a vessel for this happening, this squashing of a mutiny launched by some cells with a god complex.